This is what we can do for you.


Let me take your product sales to the next level by converting more leads and getting more results with my direct-response copywriting.

Content writing

Tell us your topic and what you want to achieve by having your client or target read it. Is it informative? Do you want to spark a conversation? You will get a post/article that is deeply researched, and with the punch lines you need for the purpose you want.


We can polish your content until it sparkles. Your document will stand out with our killer editing and proofreading skills.

Advisories and finance.

Check out what Alexander has written about advisory blogs in investment.


Get in touch with us, and let’s get that book/short story/article you have dreamed of writing on the road. We will work with you to ensure your voice is heard, and we will work hand in hand to ensure your final manuscript is out there.

See some content written for a client of ours on Medium

And this other is about our client Xilva, The Global Marketplace.

Another one, for the same client about biodiversity and investment.

This on the Web3 and climate change.

This one on biodiversity.

Social Media Copy

What do they have to say?

I had the pleasure of working with Flor Maria Cruz on several writing projects. She impressed me with the quality of her work.

She is competent, articulate, and a passionate writer who helped us create content for our marketing area.

Her style is engaging, informative, and easy to read. She can take complex topics and break them into pieces accessible to a broad audience. 

She is a professional who takes the time to understand her client’s needs. Flor Maria learns from the feedback provided, is reliable, and delivers work on time.

I recommend her to anyone in need of top-notch writing services.”

Lorenzo Garofalo, Cofounder at Xilva, The Global Marketplace.