Here I am and what I can do for you.

I am Flor Maria; a writer first and foremost. I am also a cook and a photographer. I am here to offer you great content be it in the form of emails, sales copy, or articles. I can carry out email campaigns and have an understanding of SEO strategies. I am also getting a certification in Digital Marketing.

I am here to make your business stand out with the written word.

This is what I have done as a writer.

As a pop-up restaurant entrepreneur, I wrote recipes and designed menus. I also wrote sales copy, proofread and edited all my digital advertising posts increasing my followers by 80%.

As a freelance writer, I studied the fundamentals of copy and travel writing, and have written blogs, product descriptions, articles on political and economic issues, and about art and photography. I am now very much into Climate Change issues and am specializing in posts and long-form articles about this topic. I would love to show you more about this.


Find out more about my work by registering your email. I will get back to you and we will strike a conversation and see if I can help you and how I will do it.

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  • Blockchain: a miracle cure for carbon offsets?

    According to the Financial Times in an August 28 article,  carbon emitters are joining up with companies that can provide offsets.  “Last year, a British oil exploration company and a tech start-up joined forces on a project aiming to lock away untapped fossil fuel reserves in Greenland. The energy company, Greenland Gas and Oil, would not extract […]


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