How to make your mother happy: Fix your bed like a pro.

Remember: it has to be before school.

  • You will have two sheets, one of them fitted. Cover the bed first with this one verifying the sides are well concealed and the corners of the fabric don’t stretch too much. Do the upper right-hand corner first, the lower left-hand corner, the left upper corner, and finally, the lower right-hand corner.
  • Place the other sheet, making sure you are using the other way around, so the nice part will show when you fold it over your blanket. Set the edge of the sheet on top of the bed and the sides in equal measure.
  • Drape your blankie on top of the sheet 3 inches below the edge. Fold your sheet over. Make sure the sides have the same length of fabric; adjust if not. Now push them tight, leaving the corners at the end of the bed free.  Go to the bottom of the bed, fold the corners one at a time and over both sides; immediately, tuck the blanket and sheet simultaneously. 
  • Place the eiderdown. It should go up to the top of the bed. Dress the pillows with the cases that come with the bed cover, place them on the bed the way you like them and bring some cushions.

And that’s a wrap!

That wasn’t so hard, was it?





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