Will we reach net zero emissions by 2030?

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With all things considered—pledges not being fulfilled, deforestation at its best— Can it be possible? How?

  1. By funding projects in developing countries that help change everything using energy into solar, and green hydrogen.
    • Studies like the one referred to in a Washington Post article of 2015 stated that solar arrays and wind farms can cause regional changes in temperature by altering the amount of radiation absorbed by the Earth. This could probably not mean too much in terms of emissions, but the fact that both systems need fossil fuels for construction and operation is a problem. 
  2. Creating new forests or conserving those existing ones.
    • According to the BBC webpage, planting trees can reduce biodiversity. However, “It is probably the most difficult potential method from a measurement and verification perspective,” said Paul Gambill, CEO of carbon marketplace Nor.
  3. Capturing carbon from forests.
    • Trees are especially good at storing CO2 removed from the atmosphere by photosynthesis. But, they need to grow for a long time to be effective.
  4. Capturing CO2 from the air.
    • According to new research, this approach can pollute the atmosphere or lead the way to other problems, probably similar to or higher than traditional energy. It is also costly.
  5. Small modular nuclear reactors were proposed by the UAE at COP 27 in Egypt.

Sadly, the climate mitigation conference didn’t go too far, into net zero. According to the Argos site, there was a big silence about such an important issue:

“…the lack of progress towards cutting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions responsible for global warming left many “disheartened,”  Maldives environment minister Aminath Shauna said.”

The Pakistan climate change minister, Sherry Rehman, “regretted that the parties did not reach “substantive guidance” with regards to updated nationally determined contributions (NDCs) or countries’ pledges to cut emissions.”

What are your thoughts on this?





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