How to Address The Most Common Problems In Your Organization with the help of horses.

You had a new marketing strategy on the road. At the last minute, your second command decided to make changes and failed to communicate. The rest of the team felt disrespected, and you didn’t reach your productivity goals. 

Shareholders not happy.

In any organization, you need to have people getting along in harmony, trust each other and communicate properly. These issues are critical to a well-run business. Would you agree?

Here at Hicabai, one hour from Cali, we improve teams using horses in an environment full of lush nature, an excellent climate, and peaceful surroundings. Surprised?

With our horses, your management team will learn how to handle emotions in communication, thus achieving the goals your business pursues. Self-esteem and self-confidence can curb or eliminate fears, deepen self-knowledge, improve quality of life, and develop efficient groups.

All of the qualities of a great teacher are present in horses: 

“Horses can perceive, liberate and heal you. They create empathy with you and react to your behaviors.

They can help manage emotions, connection with yourself, personal reflection, to take action and give continuity to your growth,” Jaime Mesa says.

  • They will react immediately to fluctuations in mood, unnatural behavior, and body language.
  • They are non-judgmental, compassionate, and calm with individuals, particularly in a controlled training environment. and can guide you towards a path of experiential transformation. 

Introducing Cima

Cima is our signature product: a transformative event for managers, leaders, and work teams that, with our horses, will develop an awareness of their reality and the perception of participants both as individuals and as part of a group, the strengths, and aspects to improve.

With Cima, we create:

  • Performance management,
  • Empowerment and delegation

And we can help to solve these concerns:

  • Build leadership skills,
  • Promote assertive communication,
  • Facilitate teamwork,
  • Promote business values,
  • Improve the work environment,
  • Manage change.
  • Manage conflict
  • Build trust

The group is introduced to the horses at the coaching area upon arrival.  whichThe horses initially draw mixed responses; some participants are wary of them, while others approach confidently.

But inhibitions fade fast. “being around these animals, stroking or feeding them, triggers positive emotions among the participants; that’s due partly to oxytocin, one of the happy hormones, which floods our bodies when we interact with horses or pets, explains Maria Isabel Villegas. She and her husband, Jaime Mesa, were certified in Spain and founded the business. 

Afterwards, the group will go to the conference room for a briefing. Its members will talk about what they expect of the activity and how they see themselves applying these results to the office environment.

Then off to the field where several horse exercises, such as steering them through obstacle courses and other trust-focused activities built on nonverbal, intuitive communication, are undertaken here by the “students.” The participants will not ride the horses.

You will be part of a program that has processes or sessions. Depending on what you want to work on first, we will customize it to address the concerns at hand, knowing that we will designate four hours per issue in several weeks, one session per week. Each session will, of course, have a space for feedback, and between sessions, the team must commit to specific activities so we can evaluate if changes are taking place in the next session.

What our clients say:

“Living the experience with horses is a unique and special gift. It is possible to connect with nature, experience the greatness of the horses, and the loving and total accompaniment of Jaime and Maisa.”  Elisa.

Sharing this session with two so dedicated, respectful, professional, and deeply loving persons, makes it even more wonderful and unique. They gave me all the confidence and security of being in the best hands and feeling entirely calm to open my heart and live my sessions to the fullest.” Susan.

Live the adventure of reunion and transformation, where the connection with yourself, horses, and nature, leads you to find peace and freedom.

Are you ready to have the most motivated business team ever? 

Call us for more information, book a session today, and increase productivity with Cima.






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